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Jeffrey Goodwin is Passionate about Branding YOU

My Passion

Wow! What a Great Question. Let’s see, From the time I was first able to crawl I have always been fascinated with people and have been curious enough to try anything. My first Lemonade stand was in front of my Grandfather’s house on a very busy street. I made it so people had enough room to pull over and even set up chairs under umbrellas for people to stay cool. As far back as I can remember I was able to get whatever I wanted on my own. I started a paper route at age 12 and even charged a convenience fee to porch the papers so my customers didn’t have to walk down the driveway to pick up the morning paper. I worked in fast Food chains all through high school and purchased my first car with my earned money. The Best thing my father ever did for me was not give me money whenever I wanted something. I had to earn it. That is what kept my entrepreneurship alive. I have a lot of family members who Own their own businesses and support me for wanting to do the same. I started an Entertainment Business DJ ing weddings and Parties in the early 90’s. I know now that it was the DJ business that helped me understand what my passion is. Speaking and Helping people. Every time I accepted a “gig” it was to learn something new or Teach others how to do something. I kept wanting to help more people and could never find a business in Direct sales, Door to door, Business to Business, Multi-Level-Marketing or even Online Affiliate marketing that I could really get passionate about. As technology progressed and business started to shift to the Internet I found my passion. While searching for an answer to my quest I discovered a Simple System. I was blown away by this authentic style of marketing that I had been looking for. No Drama. No Fairytale Stories. No Magical Potions. Real Raw Step by step training laid out in simple step sequences that I had never seen being taught by someone who was leading from the front of the field. This Concept is called NOSHCODE. I recommend it to everyone on my team VIPASAP. Now I can finally feel good about helping people help themselves. I get so excited about it that most nights I can’t sleep. I can’t wait to get up each day and find people who are looking for an answer Now.

Helping Business Owners Harness The True Power Of The Internet Using Fun Interactive Tools That Produce Real Results. Join us on this quest and learn about how Helping Others is the best way to prosperity. I guarantee you will be helping yourself along the way.

Thanks For Connecting,
Jeffrey Goodwin
thenoshcode (@) Gmail.com

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