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Master Key Week 17

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The Power of Concentration and Giving Yourself Permission to be a success

What do you concentrate on? What do you find yourself constantly thinking about? What seems to never escape your mind? Who or what are you actually worshiping?

Yes, it seems so simple doesn’t it? We are what we think about? Let’s take it deeper. Deep into your world within. (Speaking to your subconscious) Hi, What’s going on in here? You want that million dollar house on the hill? You want to own a Ferrari? Yes the red one. You want those $300 pair of jeans? How about that $10,000 watch? How about that latest Ipad? You know the one with the retina screen and 80 gigs of space? Could this be a form of worshiping that tends to control our thoughts into consumer spending on things we may really want but don’t actually need?! Oh sure it’s socially acceptable and don’t think for a second that I don’t still continue to fall into this trap over and over again.

Do you catch yourself saying things like, “Well it’s ok but it’s not Starbucks!” or “Did you buy that from Target or Nordstrom’s?” Did you get the 318 Series or 700 Series BMW? The symbols that we get programmed into seeing all the time are the reason we feel the need to have all this stuff in the first place. Advertising works! and it works really well. The reality is very different. True happiness comes from within. We may talk a big game on the outside but it’s what we say to ourselves throughout the day everyday that makes all the difference.

“A Gold Medal is a wonderful thing. But if you’re not enough without it, you’ll never be enough with it.” – John Candy from Cool Runnings

This week I spent a few quiet sessions concentrating on the word Permission. What a powerful statement inside of this single word! Have you given yourself permission to be the person you’ve always wanted to become? Have you given yourself permission to be powerful beyond measure? Have you given yourself permission to be nature’s greatest miracle? Have you given yourself permission to be happy?

These were the questions I asked of myself and I encourage you to do the same. I believe this one word could turn your life around when you’re really ready to hear it from inside yourself. If you want to eliminate disease? Give yourself permission to concentrate on Health. If you want to eliminate fear, Give yourself permission to concentrate on Courage. If you want to eliminate lack, Give yourself permission to concentrate on Abundance. – Haanel


Master Key Week 16

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The Law of Sevens and the power of Kindness

I’ve often wondered about the power in the number seven. It seems to be in many different areas, 7 days of the week, Lucky Sevens in the gambling world, The Phases of the Moon, The Harmonies of Sound, 7 Habits by Steven Covey, 7 continents, 7 Oceans, Harry Potter series is full of Sevens, The 7 Sisters or (Nymphs) in Greek Mythology, there’s 7 Chakra’s The 7 Laws of the Mind, just to name a few… LOL

The Law of Sevens pertains to the cycle of growth. Each Seven Year Period takes us into a new cycle. First is the Infancy Stage, Next is Childhood. Then we grow into the seven years of adolescence. The forth Stage of Seven represents full growth. Next we have the constructive period where we start to acquire property, possessions, build a family. The next group of seven years is age 35-42 where we begin a period of reactions and changes followed by seven years of reconstruction, adjustment and recuperation to prepare us for a new cycle beginning with Age 50.

Now I see why so many people say life really begins at 50. We spend the first Seven cycles of Seven Growing and learning about ourselves to prepare us for the next seven cycles of life, how awesome is this!! Constructive thinking scientifically proves that we reap what we sow which also proves Deconstructive thinking connects us to the source of all evil. Scientific Thinking recognizes this through the ability of creative spiritual energy and the ability to control it.

This is the perfect segue into the next part of this blog post about the power of Kindness

Kindness in of itself can be interpreted in many ways. In it’s simplest form I have been challenged to observe people receiving a token or gift be it a kind word of encouragement,   a smile, a wave into traffic safely, giving them a present to brighten their day or helping them with a task. I can participate in the giving part of this challenge however I must perform it secretly as to not expect any praise or look for recognition by becoming anonymous in the actual act of kindness toward someone else. I have truly enjoyed this process because I have always considered myself a giving person, however when you have the need for recognition for creative expression like I do you can fall into the trap of being kind toward others but carry a string of expectation of being better than or smarter than or even express a negative annotation afterwards. That’s not kindness! This challenge is a clean clear concise message of KINDNESS in it’s purest form. The most powerful part of this is that the entire class is putting this positive thought process into the universe in harmony with each other. Wow!! Imagine all the momentum this will cause in an uptick of others being impacted from several hundred people doing a flash mob effect of random acts of kindness. Powerful



Master Key Week 15

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Natural Law – Something that we can embrace to help us in any situation

The Observation this week has been Natural Law. I took my family to Monterey and Santa Cruz in Sunny California over the winter break from my daughters school. We left on New Years Day and returned on Sunday January 5th. We explored many things on this trip most of the activities were outdoors and involved the beauty of the nature that surrounded us. One of the things we did was check out the monarch butterflies both in Pacific Grove and Santa Cruz. We did a guided walking tour with an expert and I was amazed to learn so much about how these insects live and the distance they travel to hibernate and mate to continue their generations. One of the things that I particularly found fascinating was how they must conserve their energy by not flying when they are in their docile state. Everyone comes to watch the beauty of the butterfly “Fly” when in actuality flying causes them to use up their energy and if they fly too much they will die. So here I am in this field waiting for these butterflies to muster up enough energy to fly so I can get a picture and now I find out if they do this too much they will die?! Stay on the trees I will take my picture with your wings closed! Amazing! Another encounter we had was watching dolphins, sea otters, elephant seals, and several birds in the water from the beach while standing on rocks and using our binoculars. I was so taken back by the beauty of these creatures and what they go through on a daily basis to survive and interact with each other. seeing a bird sitting on an elephant seal as it bathed itself in the sun is mind boggling. Watching birds ride on top of the water looking so calm on the surface while they are paddling under the water franticly to keep from being overtaken by a wave just amazes me. The observation here is how we can adapt to any situation we surround ourselves with. These birds now rely on tourists for food cause it just gets handed to them. 30 or more  will swarm from everywhere for one crumb. Where do they come from? How did they see that little crumb from way up there? are they just following tourists and waiting for them to drop something? Another place we discovered was the Monterey Bay Aquarium. We took a behind the scenes tour to learn how and what the animals eat and how they get it, what measures the staff go to to get the food these amazing creatures need on a daily basis so we can marvel at their amazingness. Even just being perfectly still in the water while staring back at me is awesome to see. My kids love the touch pools. being able to have a hermit crab crawl across your hand is so cool!! We love this place, this entire environment and are so blessed to be able to be just a short 2 1/2 hour drive away from this paradise.

This post is a little longer than my others cause I had so much to share from my trip. These five daily action steps I have added to my life have allowed me to experience my surroundings in such a completely powerful way. I am glad to have discovered them so early in my journey here they are:

Kindness – Observing others giving and or receiving kindness through things I do or someone else does for them

Gratitude – Writing three things down I am grateful for as I go through my day

Movement – Exercise or some kind of movement even if its walking

The “Sit” – Sitting for at least 15 minutes or longer in a quiet space to concentrate on a single thought or sometimes even no thought at all.

Reliving a nice moment that happened to me and writing it down on a card for reference daily

These five action steps give me the power to accomplish anything that I desire and also the gift to empower others to accomplish anything that they too desire.

Master Key Week 14

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The Universal Mind – The Source of all Wisdom Power and Intelligence

This is a powerful observation for me this week. What I tend to think about grows and what I don’t tends to move into a file and become almost non existent. This is true for all thoughts positive or negative. I tend to gravitate towards being a solution searcher. Emotions are contagious. We tend to catch the emotions of people around us just like we catch their colds and they in turn catch ours. This is true from a physical, mental, and spiritual aspect. Pressure and nerves can be used to empower us. This is how we connect to the source. If we look into the eyes of another and see into the eyes of their soul it will reflect upon us to then see into ourselves. Some call this “In to me see” or Intimacy.

Can it really be that simple? Grow on positive thoughts and we will be in tune with the universe and accept all things through observation looking below the surface to then create our own happiness and be a beacon of light for ourselves and others. Or Deny that and have negative thoughts, become out of tune, grow our anger, jealousy, sloth and live in denial. Hmmmm, seems pretty simple to me. What an amazing way to start off the new year. Ready and armed for anything to come into my path and with these new skill sets know exactly what to do with them. I practice five action steps to accomplish my DMP (Definite Major Purpose backed by a burning desire), PMA (Positive Mental Attitude), POA (Plan Of Action), MMA (Master Mind Alliance) Those 5 action steps will be shared with my next post check it out in Week 15

Master Key Week 13

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Would you choose Physical or Spiritual Science?

Which is considered more powerful?

Which do you feel makes a bigger impact on ourselves and others?

The “quiet sit” this week has been surrounded with these 2  words toggling back and forth as I read this chapter in the Master Key. Og’s Scroll has helped me as well stating I will persist until I succeed.”The Prizes of life are at the end of each journey, not near the beginning”. Wow! Now I finally understand the statement The Sum is greater than the parts. As I progress through the daily reads, the visuals on my walls and my phone, Looking at my compass instead of my watch, feeding my mind with all the things I have already accomplished, and then being able to do this daily it now only drives a new habit, it completely eliminates the things I was doing before I started this process. I have more time to do the things I need to get done, I feel healthier than I have before, I am more confident, friendlier, i observe more when a situation that requires my attention presents itself, I am reading more now in one day than I did in one year before. when I try to think about what I did on a daily basis before this process started I not only don’t want to, I don’t need to. This is the greatest path I have chosen to help myself because I now can clearly see that with these daily habits I can simultaneously help others along the same path! This is a huge realization. By being able to look below the surface and observe everything and then not only know what to do but why I am doing it is empowering beyond anything that I could ever know as far as how it will impact others in a positive way that come in my path.

Physical science may be responsible for the marvelous age of invention in which we are now living, However spiritual science is in my opinion is when it comes to the thinking process creates the vision and imagination to bloom within our minds first so that we can then create the physical structures, paintings, cooking, writing music, relationships and many other wonderful beautiful creations that surround us. It all starts within us. This shows us that with great thought comes great creations. This also proves that we are all connected in this way and we are all powerful beyond measure.